#15: Futarchy markets & sortition chains

Covering June 10 – June 24


  • Last week, there was a futarchy market on Amoveo to raise the block reward. It failed to demonstrate that raising the block reward would increase the price of VEO.

  • Soon after, there was another futarchy market to lower the block reward, which is now expired. The process to reduce the block reward via Governance Oracle has started. If nobody bets against the evidence provided by the futarchy market, the reward will be lowered in 1 week.

  • First stats on the Exchange bot: a total of 8.46 VEO was exchanged in the last week, 28 transactions were made. You can use this bot on Telegram here.

  • The cost of Question Oracles was reduced 30%.


  • Zack Hess has been busy with researching into Sortition Chains, a potential tool that would replace channels in Amoveo. It has a potential to be more scalable and more user friendly compared to channels. Zack himself refers to his work on this element as ‘possibly more valuable than everything I have done put together’. Read Zack’s document about Sortition Chains here.

  • This week, Zack started writing the database for a sortition chain. Look it up here.

  • There are 17 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 43 commits created in 4 repositories.


  • Zack Hess wrote an essay about futarchy and the problem of bike shedding politics. Read it here.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

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