#16: Hard Update 21 and YouTube channel

Covering June 24 – July 1


  • Hard update 21 was written and merged into mainnet. This updates txs for smart contracts to make sure that all the merkel proofs that could be needed to run the smart contract are available. This will make processing smart contracts faster and prevent a bug that could allow attackers to block new nodes from synching with the network. The updates activates at height 72700.

  • The transaction limit of the Exchange Bot was raised to 1 VEO per transaction. Access the bot here.


  • Zack Hess made a branch of chalang that enables a cheaper format for function definitions, and the resulting compiled code is 3-6 times shorter. This means that channel offers and channel states will be much shorter, as well as txs to run smart contracts on-chain. Access it here.

  • The lisp complier was updated to take advantage of the new format for function definitions. Previously, the lisp tool created excessively long compiled binaries, but with this update it is creating binaries nearly as short as the version written in the assembly. The lisp compiler may now be the best tool for writing smart contracts, as it has a lot readability and maintainability advantages.

  • The betting smart contract was re-written to make it easier for javascript to interact with it. See it here.

  • A problem was found in how light nodes are storing smart contracts. Currently, the data needed to generate the contract is stored instead of the raw contract itself. If any aspect of generating the contract changes, all the signatures become invalid. Now, the plan is to store the entire compiled contract inside the channel state and channel offer. New versions of the light node for this will be released soon.

  • There are 15 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 23 commits created in 4 repositories.


  • Zack Hess came up with a proof that sortition chains are the best possible smart contract sharding design. This discovery should be used to help blockchain researchers so they don’t waste their time studying designs that can never work. Read it at the bottom of this page.

  • An Amoveo YouTube channel was launched this week, with an intention of creating a one-stop storage solution for all Amoveo-related video content. Get in touch with us if you’d like to contribute to the channel in any way, otherwise subscribe here.

  • A message from Zack Hess to several community members:


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

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