#2: Desktop wallet coming soon

Covering March 10 - March 18, 2019


  • The activation of a hard update was pushed back due to security issues. There is going to be a little more review before the hard fork is scheduled. The update will include a new interface for the channels in the light node, removing the encrypted messaging, which proved to be a pain point for everyone testing p2p derivatives over the last couple of weeks.

  • HitBTC trading is live again. Last week, HitBTC temporarily froze VEO trading and withdrawals, with the latter still being suspended and expected to go live again in the coming days.

  • Amoveo was listed on CoinLib.

  • An Amoveo desktop wallet for iOS, Windows and Linux by exan.tech is complete and is being fine-tuned at the moment. Expect an announcement soon 😉.


  • A community member Eric Arsenault who recently created a DAC for the front end UX has started a short survey to get a better understanding of the community's stance on DACs. Click here to participate.



  • A message from Blackminers about mining Amoveo with an FPGA.

  • The hashrate keeps increasing despite the price being relatively low and the block reward being reduced.

Q & A

  • Q: What's the price for stablecoin in VEO?

  • A: 0. free.

    Stablecoin in Amoveo is a contract between 2 individuals. 100% of the money in that contract ends up going to the 2 individuals.

    There is a flat fee for making a channel, but once the channel exists you can do as many contracts in it as you want for free.

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