#27 Dark Mode Support on MVW & Explanation of Market Failure

Covering September 10 – September 19

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  • The Amoveo-Exan.Tech Meetup was a success, over 50 people attended the meetup to discuss Amoveo, prediction markets and blockchain technology.
    More info related to the event to come soon!

  • Zack Hess rolled out an explanation of the Market Failure also known as "Tragedy of the Commons" provided by an advocate of the Chicago school of economics, David D. Friedman.


  • The Exan.tech team has updated the iOS mobile wallet. The wallet will begin to support the iOS 13 dark mode soon;

  • The Android mobile wallet update was also released following the iOS update.

  • The Exan.tech team has announced the Scalar oracles support will be released in MyVeoWallet by October 1st;

  • In October the Exan.tech team will also release a DAC contract marketplace within the MyVeoWallet to ensure that working with these types of contracts will be much more applicable.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

Pool Hashrates