#28 Zack's Interview for iHodl & Cryptojungle + VEO Listing on DX.Exchange

Covering September 19 – September 30


  • An illustrated multilingual online news and analytics website iHodl held an exclusive interview with Zack Hess about the Amoveo project on their website. Read the full interview here;

  • Zack Hess masterfully answered critical questions to participate in Cryptojungle’s Understory Series:

  • Amoveo was mentioned as a candidate for listing on DX.Exchange:

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DX.Exchange Co-founder and CEO Daniel Skowronski (@danskowronski) shares his thoughts, in a 3 part blog series, about the journey that led up to DXCASH token going live Tomorrow. Read part 2 at blog.dx.exchange/2019/09/25/dxc… Image



  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

Pool Hashrates