#3: New wallets & Paul Sztorc

Covering March 18 - March 25 2019


  • MyVeoWallet from Exan.tech was released for Windows, Linux and MacOS. As reviewed by community member Spike Spiegel: ‘Automated [syncing of headers], slick UI and syncing is blazingly fast’. Download links can be found here. Links are also available in this official Telegram group, where you can ask questions about the wallet and get support.

  • Over the next few releases, MyVeoWallet will add Ledger support and enable working with Amoveo channels. Stay tuned.

  • The hard update to activate the new kind of channels was finally done, the light node interface is already confirmed working with it.

  • Due to the postponed hard update and HitBTC’s response rate, deposits and withdrawals on HitBTC are still frozen. This is expected to be resolved soon.

  • Amoveo was listed on CoinLore.


  • Paul Sztorc, creator of Truthcoin and Bitcoin Hivemind, main advocate of blockchain-based prediction markets and a big inspiration behind Amoveo visited the community Telegram chat and talked with Zack about Amoveo in great depth. That was a very insightful conversation still available in the community chat, with a brief summary to be released very soon.

  • The results of Eric Arsenault’s brief survey on DACs are in:


  • Zack invented the idea of probabilistic payment lightning networks that are more scalable than hub and spoke. Those networks can significantly decrease the amount of times channels need to be opened and closed. The plan on how to add this new feature to Amoveo is already written.

  • Based on a conversation with a Komodo developer, Zack invented Trust Theory, a kind of math that can be used to analyse the security of protocols and come to general conclusions about which kinds will be competitively viable.

  • Another Amoveo contributor, Mr. Flintstone came up with an updated version of structuring oracle questions that should prevent the free option problem.

  • There are 10 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 33 commits created in 5 repositories.


  • Here’s a graph of Amoveo hashrate over the last week, courtesy of Amoveo contributor Sy:

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