#1: 1 Year Anniversary & Hard Update

Covering March 2 - March 10, 2019


  • On the 2nd of March, 2019, Amoveo celebrated its first anniversary. Here’s to many more to come! 🍻

  • This weekend, a hard update took place at heigh 57,000. With this update, both parties don’t have to be online at the same time to make a channel. Instead, you can now publish an offer for a new channel with a smart contract, and then anyone can accept your smart contract even while you are offline. qTrade and a1 have already updated, HitBTC will follow suit.

  • Amoveo was added to Blockfolio. We expect to be added to Blockfolio Signal by next week.

  • Amoveo was featured in a HitBTC blog post.


  • Community member Eric Arsenault has been working with Zack to create the first Dominant Assurance Contract (DAC) for the front end UX. If you would like to participate, Eric’s proposal and contact details can be found here. The contract should expire in the beginning of May, but is expected to be filled before then. Zack and Eric expect this to be the first successful crowdfunding campaign to be held on Amoveo.

  • Zack has been actively testing p2p derivatives contracts with several community members.

  • First results: At the end of February, @sourcex44 and Zack entered a contract for 10 $VEO each of $BTC stablecoins. Two weeks later, that same contract is worth 15 VEO for Zack, since the VEO price has gone up, thus proving that stablecoins could be a great way to make a profit.



  • As it turns out, a big proportion of Amoveo miners are based in Venezuela. This became apparent after the network lost some of its hashrate at the exact same time the blackout in Venezuela began. The network has recovered since then.

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