#11: Moscow Meetup & hard update

Covering May 13 - May 20


  • Amoveo Meetup in Moscow was a smashing success with over 60 people in attendance and a 1,000 others who have watched the live stream and its recording over the weekend! Watch the recording [in Russian] here. Post-meetup blog post along with some pictures and videos will be released shortly.

  • A futarchy market was done to find out that hard update #17 is good. It is now in the mainnet software and should activate in a few days. Read the update explanation here.


  • There is a new documentation to show how blocks, headers, and the work that miners do all relates together. It had some improvements since last week. Read it here.

  • Casey Detrio suggested the devs look into accumulators as an alternative to the merkel tree databae. It seems like there could be some big advantages. See the issue here.

  • There are 13 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 30 commits created in 3 repositories.


  • The withdrawal fee on qTrade exchange was lowered to 0.02 VEO.

  • A1 Exchange was completely re-made, read about it here.


  • Find the weekly hashrate graph courtesy of Sy below:

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