#12: The community reduces miners reward & sponsors a video

Covering May 20 - May 27


  • The miners reward variable was reduced through the Amoveo governance mechanism and currently stands at 0.16297 VEO.


  • Zack Hess wrote a failure report about when the blockchain almost crashed last week. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess also made a document about how to save blocks to a file, so that there’s no need to re-sync them. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess gave up control of this server: It is recommended to use light node from GitHub to always stay secure. Get it here.

  • Hard update 17 was activated last week, but a part of it, specifically the new version of channel team close txs, was temporarily undone. A library needs to be updated before supporting them. To make sure all the nodes have the library ready for the new tx type, the activation of the new tx type is delayed until hard update 18.

  • There are 14 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 60 commits created in 4 repositories.


  • A post-meetup blog post was released, complete with notes from the Q&A session. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess wrote a document about how blockchains can protect us against bad abortion laws. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess made a Dominant Assurance Contract (DAC), raising money for him to make a video about Amoveo. He put 0.8 VEO in the contract, someone anonymous locked 8 VEO in, so Zack made a video. Watch it here.