#13: Updates, meta_block and failure report

Covering May 27 - June 3


  • Last week, the governance oracle on whether the block reward should be lowered was closed twice, resulting in the reward going down from 0.4 VEO to 0.16 VEO. This vulnerability is already fixed with soft update 19, which was merged into master branch of Amoveo this week. Update.


  • Hard update 18 was merged into master branch. The update will turn off a soft fork to enable the new kind of channel_team_close tx, this way it will be possible to make multiple close_channel tx at the same time. It is critical for UX for the p2p derivatives tool.

  • The merkel tree database can now be used in RAM mode. The experimental branch of Amoveo’s full node uses this approach by default, which makes syncing much faster on some computers.

  • In the light node, a bug was fixed that was preventing it from being used on any non-Chrome browser.

  • The light node lookup tool can now tell users how many orders are in an oracle already, who made those orders and how much VEO they bet.

  • Soft update 20 was merged into master branch. It disables account-delete tx types and proof of existence tx types. Those are both features that were not used, so removing them makes Amoveo simpler to use and easier to verify that it is secure. Update.

  • Zack Hess and Sy created a new configuration option to compute and store a lot of meta data along with each block. This makes all the necessary data readable without looking at the source, which opens up much easier parsing to any 3-rd party dev. The configuration option is currently part of the experimental branch. View the example of a meta block on pastebin, here.

  • For some time, Amoveo has been storing blocks differently, which this newsletter failed to mention. Here’s Zack Hess explaining it in detail:


  • Zack Hess wrote a failure report about how Amoveo broke this week, detailing what was changed to prevent it from happening again. Read it here.