#14: Buy VEO for BTC or ETH on Telegram

Covering June 3 – June 10


  • This week, exan.tech presented their new Telegram bot which allows everyone to rapidly buy and sell VEO for BTC and ETH. There is no KYC and no commission. Exchange rate is aligned with VEO price on top exchanges. Transaction limit is currently set at 0.5 VEO, which will likely be increased in the near future. The bot was already tested by several community members, and it’s lightning fast. Access the bot here.

  • For any questions or feedback regarding this bot, or any other tool from the exan.tech team (such as MyVeoWallet), join the support group on Telegram at @amoveo_wallet.


  • The blockchain was frozen for about 8 hours this week. Zack Hess wrote a failure report about what happened. Read it here.

  • There was a bug which was preventing users from accepting smart contacts in the light node. It is now fixed.

  • A memory leak in block syncing was fixed.

  • There are 15 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 13 commits created in 4 repositories.


  • Zack Hess wrote about probabilistic payments, and how they can be important for Amoveo. Read the document here.

  • Zack Hess interviewed Guy Fawkes, who wrote this document. He had some great ideas on how to make probabilistic payments even more powerful. Zack explained it in this tweet.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

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