#17: Hard updates, Chalang lisp and a new video

Covering July 1 – July 8

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  • Hard update 21 was activated. This prevents some bugs that could cause the nodes to freeze.

  • Hard update 22 was written and will be enabled in about 2 days, at height 73300. It is an improvement to chalang so that function calls can be much shorter. Read the instructions for updating here.

  • Zack Hess made a tool that allows users to scan the full nodes on Amoveo and see their block heights, which is very useful when VeoScan is offline. Access the tool here.


  • This week, the development was mostly concerning chalang lisp. Here’s what has been done:

    • Chalang lisp now has a way of defining functions so that users can store intermediate values in local variables. It is similar to making functions in Python and JavaScript.

    • Chalang lisp now lets users control which functions and macros are exported from a file, without polluting the global namespace.

    • Chalang lisp now has useful error messages.

    • The listp version of functions now supports tail call optimisation, which means that recursion can get much deeper.

    • Binary encoding, which is used for scalar oracles, was rewritten in lisp syntax.

    • The list compiler now lets users reuse variable names in different functions/macros. They are local variables that don’t interfere with each other.

    • Zack Hess wrote a rational numbers library in chalang, and a square root library. They are useful examples for how to make smart contracts, and the rational numbers might end up being used for a smart contract.

    • Zack Hess also wrote an example code to show the different programming styles that are now enabled by chalang lisp. Access it here.

  • There are 15 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 10 commits created in 2 repositories.


  • New video from the Moscow Meetup! Watch as Denis Voskvitsov, chief of Exantech, delivers a thorough keynote presentation on Amoveo. Watch it here.

  • Bear in mind that this video is in Russian. If you don’t speak the language, don’t worry and stay tuned for updates, a crowdfunding campaign for making English subtitles will soon be announced, and of course we are going to use Amoveo functionality for that ;)

  • There’s a new room on the Amoveo Discord server dedicated to questions for Exantech. There you can get support and provide feedback for MyVeoWallet and the Amoveo Exchange Bot.