#19: Amoveo at Barcelona Trading Conference, New DAC from Exantech & Updated Bet Contract

Covering July 16 – July 22


  • Zack Hess rewrites binary bet contract to make it smaller and to reduce the load on the batching mechanism. More info here.

  • Amoveo conquers new horizons. The project was presented at the Barcelona Trading Conference 2019, where various investors could learn more about prediction markets technology and not only. Want to know more? Check this out.

  • New video on Amoveo YouTube channel with Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver about how prediction markets could change the world.

  • New blog post on Medium where we asked Joey Krug to share his thoughts on the prediction markets technology.


  • Guys from Exantech, the creators of MyVeoWallet and the Amoveo Exchange Bot, opened a public Crowdfunding DAC on Amoveo Forum to bring brand-new features to the Amoveo community.

  • Zack Hess integrates error messages to the compiler. It covers using opcodes as functions, user-defined functions, and commands built into the compiler. 

  • Zack also added a tool so now anyone can embed forth directly, and bypass error messages. It prints out the part of the code where the error had occurred.

  • The new compiler with the rewrote binary smart contract for it. It went from taking a minute to compile the contract, to now it is almost instant.

  • There are 15 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There are 4 open proposals for hard updates to make chalang better.


  • There are two public DAC contracts. The last one describes the crowdfunding for the development and implementation of a new set of MyVeoWallet features for working with Amoveo oracles.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

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