#20 Vitalik Buterin about Futarchy, New Video from Zack Hess & Hard Update

Covering July 22 – July 30

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  • Vitalik Buterin announces that he believes Futarchy to be the only decentralized governance mechanism that holds individuals economically responsible for their decisions;

  • Zack Hess released a video explaining Futarchy. Watch the video here;

  • The next hard update is being driven through development, ready to be released within the next week.

  • Zack Hess releases a review of UMA’s oracle design;

  • New blog post on Medium about how blockchains are breathing new life into prediction markets;

  • New video on Amoveo YouTube channel with Beth McCarthy from Starfish Labs about blockchain for prediction markets.


  • A Futarchy market resolved this week saying that Amoveo should increase the block reward;

  • Guys from Exantech succeded to bring VeoWallet app back to the AppStore;

  • A DAC has been funded pushing forth the development of a brand new Amoveo wallet features;

  • There has been a new tool released in the light node for making Futarchy type oracles

  • Zack Hess released a proposition for cheaper oracles;

  • Fixed a major race condition in the master branch that was causing nodes to occasionally crash while syncing.


A DAC contract that allocated funding to the development of new VEO wallet features has been fully funded.

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  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

Pool Hashrates

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