#21 Blockchain War, Interview with Christina Scicluna and Hard Update 25

Covering July 30 – August 6


  • It seems that the Amoveo blockchain is providing resources and support for an aggressive mining pool that is destroying one of the competitor blockchains. Read more about it here;

  • Zack Hess announces the hard update 25, which makes it possible for smart contracts to know if a particular oracle id is not currently being used to store any existing oracle;

  • Zack also rolled out his review of Witnet, a new blockchain specialized in oracles;

  • New video on Amoveo YouTube channel with Christina Scicluna about Smart Contracts, Regulation and Prediction Markets;

  • New blog post on Medium about how blockchains are breathing new life into prediction markets.


  • Zack has added binary strings to the lisp compiler. This makes it easier to glue bits of string together in a smart contract to generate a new oracle question;

  • Zack found a flaw in our understanding of bribery in cryptoeconomics, read more here;

  • He also will be focusing development on the ability to bet on Oracles that do not exist. The outcome of this development will mean that it will become free to publish P2P bets on any topic using Amoveo;

  • Denis Voskvitsov, CEO Exantech, EXANTE's R&D department, shared his vision of how blockchain-based prediction markets may impact our future and how the are changing the world of today. Watch it here.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

Pool Hashrates

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