#22 Issues of PoW/PoS Hybrid, the Oracle Problem and Single Blockchain Security Model

Covering August 6 – August 13


  • Zack Hess wrote on GitHub about why PoW/PoS hybrid is less secure than standard PoW. Read more about it here;

  • New video on Amoveo YouTube channel with CoinPaprika CEO Mike Grzybkowski;

  • How oracles, being a part of prediction markets, should objectively perform data scrapping and what happens if it's not so easy to determine the truth? Read more about it here.


  • Zack rolls out a new page to the light node. It allows getting money out of an oracle after it is closed. Now there is no need a full node for any step of the oracle;

  • Zack wrote about why each blockchain needs to have exactly one security model, and why having multiple security models makes it impossible to calculate how secure a blockchain is;

  • Hess solved a bug in Amoveo that can occasionally make some nodes get frozen at the current block height and be unable to process transactions;

  • Zack also wrote about how to attack Cosmos PoS consensus.


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