#24 VEO in DEFX Index, New MVW Updates & Modified Work of Oracle's ID

Covering August 21 – August 27


  • Amoveo has been included in a DEFX index that is now listed on NASDAQ and view able through TradingView. The fund includes a bundle of the most prominent decentralized finance products on the market;

  • We released a new video with a blockchain consultant and trading expert Tone Vays to get his opinion on prediction markets. Watch the video here;

  • We have released a new #3Questions blog post with Brett Richey, CEO of BlitzPredict and a former pro-poker player, on the future of prediction markets, read it on Medium;

  • Zack Hess has released a draft on how to get Amoveo to go viral which can be found on his GitHub. Come join the discussion in our Telegram and share your own thoughts;

  • Owl-coin, a Japanese cryptocurrency website, mentioned Amoveo.


  • The VEO wallet has gotten an update! You can view all of the new features on the official website of MVW;

  • Zack Hess has been working on changing how Oracle ID’s work. Changes will populate on the light node, smart contracts, and the full node.


  • Here’s a weekly hashrate graph provided by Sy:

Pool Hashrates