#4: Blockfolio Signal & AmoveoBook

Covering March 25 - April 1 2019


  • Amoveo was added to Blockfolio Signal.

  • AmoveoBook was recently re-designed. It is an Amoveo-powered website that allows users to look up markets, make bets and request new markets. Apart from the re-design, AmoveoBook is going to be focusing on growing liquidity for their USD/VEO and EUR/VEO markets, with a goal of having a liquid market available at all times. They will start offering more markets based on demand in the near future.


  • This week, Zack was mostly focused on security and auditing. A new tool that checked the input VEO and output VEO of every block while syncing was developed, and printed out a report of all the times counterfeit VEO was created from nothing. The report confirmed that the fork near hight 36000 did fix the counterfeiting VEO bug. Link.

  • Overall, around 1100 VEO were created from nothing and 1805 VEO were deleted, meaning that there are no counterfeit VEO in circulation. Link.

  • There were some upgrades to the p2p light node tool, the developerss are working towards the point where it will be easy for users to make derivatives in whatever they want.

  • The project’s documentations has seen some updates.

  • There are 10 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 13 commits created in 5 repositories.



  • Here’s a graph of Amoveo hashrate over the last week, courtesy of Amoveo contributor Sy:

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