#5: Binance V Label & a new miner

Covering April 1 - April 8


  • Amoveo obtained a V label on Binance Info.

  • A bug was found in a p2p derivatives tool and a fix was made. It will be implemented as a hard update at the end of this week, at block #61300.

  • Official Ledger integration is postponed until May, but a tool for using Ledger with MyVeoWallet might be released in the coming weeks.


  • A bug in the light node that caused to distribute funds wrong was fixed.

  • The light node now tells users exactly how VEO will be distributed when users are closing the channel.

  • There is a new tool for closing scalar oracles more easily.

  • As of last week, Amoveo has a new additional level of inflation bug protection.

  • There are 10 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 14 commits created in 2 repositories.


  • Amoveo’s lead developer Zack Hess did some original work in the philosophy of science, exploring the process of building blockchain mechanisms. Read it here.

  • A new blog post on Amoveo’s Medium. In the first edition of #3Questions series, where Zack Hess talks about the future of prediction markets, their use-cases and current challenges. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess weighted in on a discussion about Futarchy on Hacker News. Read the thread here.

  • The (very interesting) results of Eric Arsenault’s survey on DACs are in:

  • Eric Arsenault created a new survey, this one is designed to gain insights on how the Amoveo community might use derivatives once the new UX is created. Answer the questions here.

  • Back in February, Zack and Sourcex entered into a stablecoin contract. This week the contract was finally closed, and as a result Zack became 4.57 VEO richer. Nice betting!


  • Dedmaroz wrote a new Amoveo miner for VCU1525 with hashrate 24GH/s, 30x 800MHz with variable frequency (400 - 800MHz, 25MHz step). Get it here.

  • This is the 5th FPGA miner for Amoveo made by Dedmaroz so far. Get them here.

  • A pre-sale of Blackminer F1mini was launched, offering a special discounted price for the Amoveo community. Get in touch with Blackminer to find out about the discount.

  • Here’s the traditional weekly graph of Amoveo hashrate, courtesy of Sy:

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