#6: HitBTC & yet another miner

Covering April 8 - April 15


  • HitBTC deposits and withdrawals have been enabled again. Happy trading!

  • A hard update was activated to fix the new kind of channels.

  • Another update to fix some bugs in the oracle is coming at the end of this week.


  • Improvements to the p2p interface. An unnecessary feature of combining a payment with a contract was removed. See it here.

  • Chalang was updated. Now users can run it in verbose mode. It will print out every opcode that gets run, as well as the top part of the stack between every pair of opcodes. See it here.

  • Zack Hess proposed an idea of making smart contract transactions less expensive. Read it here.

  • Recently, it became apparent that on-chain markets can create potential rewards for miners, which can potentially break the Nakamoto consensus. There is ongoing work to find out if Amoveo’s oracle is vulnerable to this, and to find out exactly what it means for Bitcoin Hivemind and Augur.

  • Amoveo Wallet browser extension for Chrome is once again available in the Chrome Web Store. It’s open source and it can be used to make bets on AmoveoBook. Get it here. Review source code here.


  • Zack Hess wrote a document about MakerDAO, explaining why it will inevitably fail. Read it here.

  • A new blog post about the evolution of Dominant Assurance Contracts on Amoveo. Read it here.

  • A second instalment of #3Questions about Prediction Markets. This time we spoke to Paul Sztorc of Bitcoin Hivemind. Read it here.

  • The results of Eric Arsenault’s latest survey are in:


  • Another new miner was released by dedmarozz. This time it’s a CVP-13 Bitstream with 38GH/s (48cores @ 800 MHz). Get it here.

  • Here’s the traditional weekly graph of Amoveo hashrate, courtesy of Sy:

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