#7: Mission statement & updates

Covering April 15 - April 22


  • Zack Hess and Eric Arsenault worked together on the improved Amoveo mission statement. Read it here.


  • A hard update was made to fix some bugs in closing channels. View it here.

  • Another update is coming at the end of this week to fix minor bugs. It's not a controversial update. View it here.

  • Some major bugs in the light node P2P derivatives tool were fixed. They were related to closing the channels to get your money out when the other channel participant does not help. View it here.

  • There are 11 open issues in the Amoveo depo.

  • There were 9 commits created in 2 repositories.


  • Zack Hess solved the "How can we fix bitcoin to keep it running if the tx fees are bigger than the block reward?" problem. Read it here.

  • Zack Hess also solved a version of this question that would be a problem for the Amoveo oracle. Read it here. A hard update is planned to make the Amoveo oracle immune to this kind of failure mode.

  • Dean Graham made a contribution to the Amoveo blog with his article ‘Why we need Prediction Markets now more than ever’. Read it here.


  • Here’s the traditional weekly graph of Amoveo hashrate, courtesy of Sy:

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