#29 Amoveo Featured in CryptoJungle & New Big MVW Updates for Android

#28 Zack's Interview for iHodl & Cryptojungle + VEO Listing on DX.Exchange

#27 Dark Mode Support on MVW & Explanation of Market Failure

#26 Amoveo on Nasdaq, Disproof of Stake and Working Principles of Prediction Markets

#25 HitBTC Issues, New DAC and Bitcoin Review

#24 VEO in DEFX Index, New MVW Updates & Modified Work of Oracle's ID

#23 MVW Update, Amoveo on Cointelegraph and Zack's Critique of IOTA

#22 Issues of PoW/PoS Hybrid, the Oracle Problem and Single Blockchain Security Model

#21 Blockchain War, Interview with Christina Scicluna and Hard Update 25

#20 Vitalik Buterin about Futarchy, New Video from Zack Hess & Hard Update

#19: Amoveo at Barcelona Trading Conference, New DAC from Exantech & Updated Bet Contract

#18: Amoveo Community Forum & Guide on How to Crowdfund on Amoveo + New Lisp Smart Contracts

#17: Hard updates, Chalang lisp and a new video

#16: Hard Update 21 and YouTube channel

#15: Futarchy markets & sortition chains

#14: Buy VEO for BTC or ETH on Telegram

#13: Updates, meta_block and failure report

#12: The community reduces miners reward & sponsors a video

#11: Moscow Meetup & hard update

#10: Executive summary by Ikigai & Moscow Meetup


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